Steam Heating Systems

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Ninety percent of steam heating systems are located on the east of coast of the United States. For over 30 years, we have specialized in steam systems, the most popular of which is the one pipe system. This is exactly what it says, one pipe delivering steam to radiators dispersed throughout the makeover. The main trunk line is pitched away from the boiler with the steam traveling on the top of the pipe and the condensate on the bottom. At the end of the trunk, there is a smaller condensate return line which brings the condensed water back to the boiler. The objective is to push out the air in the system, allowing the steam to enter the space left by the exiting air. At the end of the main trunk line is a main vent which helps move the steam along quicker so it rises to each radiator at roughly the same time. Each radiator also has a vent. By controlling the size of the hole at the radiator, the radiator will then heat evenly.

The two pipe system as one pipe delivering steam and a smaller pipe bringing back the condensate. Each radiator then has a steam trap which closes when the steam hits it and opens as it cools, letting the condensate into the second pipe.

Lastly, is the vacuum system which uses much smaller pipes, drawing the steam through the system with vacuum. There are very few of these systems left, but we have been able to repair the few we have encountered over the years.


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