The Reissmann History Of Tradition

In Northern Central New Jersey there are few things held in higher esteem than family and family traditions. People in our area look for quality and value in their services.
The Reissmann Family has been providing the Morris, Somerset and Hunterdon County areas with the highest quality and values in plumbing and heating services for decades. We feel that personal service, professionalism and expertise are part of those family traditions.

Reissmann Plumbing & Heating, Inc. was started in 1966 by Franz Reissmann, continuing a tradition that had been in his family for generations. In 1986, when Franz retired, his daughter Nicole Moore and her husband, Derek Moore, bought the family business.

The president of the company, Derek Moore, joined Reissmann in 1978 and is a Master plumber, has an HHS Plumbing Inspector Certification, a Wirsbo certified factory trained installer and designer, and is Tekmar computer controls certified for residential and commercial systems. A few years later, Derek and Nicole bought Cullen Plumbing in Morristown, a company that started in 1918, and with this, expanded the business into that area. The purchase was made during the recession, but it was a risk that paid off, giving the company good coverage in the surrounding areas. To this day, Reissmann Plumbing & Heating, Inc. is still going strong and is very well known for the services it provides.

If you are looking for those family traditions and personalized service from Derek, Nikki and the rest of the Reissmann Family, just give us a call; we’ll be happy to start a family tradition for you.

Derek and Nikki Moore

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